The Making of…

The campaign development began early in 2011.  Research confirmed that our existing niche positions were still the main draws to Sedona – stunning scenic beauty; outdoor adventure; personal enrichment and wellness; and arts and culture.

There is SO much to see and do in Sedona, and people come here for a myriad of reasons.  So we strove to develop a campaign concept that would be relatable and personal.

When you are happy and doing your own thing, you identify that experience as “yours”.  When something is “yours”, it’s close to your heart, you own it, celebrate it, and are so excited that you end up sharing it.  This was the concept behind “My Sedona”.

With significant support from local residents (who were our models) and local businesses (who provided the backdrops) we proceeded with a 3-day long photo shoot that consisted of over 10 different locations around Sedona.  Ultimately, we wanted to showcase a signature location and decided that Cathedral Rock would be the consistent background for the prominent photos.  With many donated hours, we trekked in and around our beautiful city, capturing the various moments and activities that can be had here.  Our local residents worked for free as models and were so perfect for the job, in that their enthusiasm for Sedona really showed through….

The Final Product

From a group of adventurous guys, to a family looking to burn some energy; from girlfriends finding their inner bliss, to a romantic couple rekindling their connection – it’s all available amidst our gorgeous red rocks, AND it’s unique to each person – it’s THEIR Sedona, told from THEIR perspective.

The “My Sedona” brand campaign will be targeted towards the geographic markets of Arizona, Southern California, Illinois, Texas and New York, as well as Canada, Europe and Japan.  “My Sedona” will be utilized for our websites, print advertising, Internet marketing, sales and public relations.  Our brochures and collateral will be branded also, along with our new 2012 edition of the Experience Sedona Guide.

We’re excited, because the “My Sedona” concept has a lot of opportunity for unusual marketing – such as holding fun contests at the Visitor Center, and great engagement with our Facebook Fans.  The sky is the limit with this new campaign!

And we couldn’t have done ANY of this without the support of  our membership – and the support of the City of Sedona – both which contribute to tourism marketing.   Thank you!  And, thank you to the Stars of the Show – everyone who contributed to the development of this campaign!  With our vibrant new brand campaign, we look forward to portraying Sedona in a new, fresh way, and attracting visitors to our beautiful city!

Here’s to a great year!