There’s a mistaken notion that Arizona doesn’t have seasons. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sedona, for example, rolls out all four seasons in dramatic fashion. And if that isn’t enough, even throws in a bonus fifth season.


Autumn is the standout.  It is a stealthy, albeit radiant, season. Autumn doesn’t show up on the high slopes where you’d expect it. The rocks don’t blush any redder in fall. Colors erupt in drainage, in canyon bottoms and along stream banks. The multi-hued ribbon of Oak Creek is graced by the colorful leaves of cottonwood, velvet ash, Arizona sycamore, box elder and willow. Clustered sumac, a viney tangle of canyon grape and Virginia creeper enhance the kaleidoscope effect. For visitors who want to experience it firsthand, hiking trails such as West Fork, Huckaby and Allen’s Bend plunge you right into the heart of this riparian riot.


As autumn unfolds, another season begins in Sedona. Harvest has been part of the cultural heritage of the community since the first pioneers planted crops, orchards and vineyards. Today, a handful of estate wineries huddle along Page Springs Road. Taking advantage of the rich volcanic soil and excellent climate, these wineries are producing handcrafted wines in both white and red varietals as well as library wines and multi-grape bottling. Their annual harvest and grape crush celebrates the very best of all the seasons.

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Come out and reconnect with the land, that rich earth of the Verde Valley. Sip a glass of vino and breathe deep the crisp air under an achingly blue and brilliant sky. That’s a Sedona-style autumn you won’t soon forget.

West Fork Canyon

West Fork Canyon

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