To the love of my life, my dearest Sedona,

After that first introduction, I knew I would never be the same again. I must say that when our eyes met, I was speechless.  Your colors are so rich and vivid that you took my breath away.  The closeness of your stone monuments creates an excitement within me that is hard to describe.

Allow me to contrast our encounter with others I have experienced. After a short visit with you, we went to the infamous Grand Canyon.  I must tell you, what was before my eyes was dim and washed out in comparison with your exquisite beauty. I have traveled to other locations that tout their appeal (including the Hawaiian islands that have many pristine beaches and is the home to Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific), but in my eyes no one holds a candle to your resplendence.

The day I climbed the beautiful rocks in your parks was transforming. I felt as if I left a world of limitation and disappointment and arrived where inspiration and limitless possibility abound. I am elevated to new heights and able to tap in to the creative universe to which you belong. When I am with you I know I can be and do anything. I am no longer satisfied with the gray that surrounds me in the sky above or the pavement below, nor the rain that runs down my windowpanes and holds me listless.

Now that we are apart, I long to hear the soft tread of my feet connecting with your earth and feel the gentle breeze on my face and fluttering through my hair.  Your rich, deep colors of red, orange, green, and brown are both comforting and invigorating even in thought. The time I spend with you is unforgettable.

You are truly an artist, for the red rock sculptures that are a part of you are truly some of the most spectacular, natural masterpieces I have ever witnessed. My favorite by far is Bell Rock.  It is not the most substantial of monuments, but it provides all that I desire: accessibility, adventure, appeal, exertion, vista and warmth. Our family has had many adventures there over the years and always proves the best and most satiating experience. Thunder Mountain and Airport Ridge provide a panorama of all that you possess. They are the perfect spots to take in a sunset.  Devils Bridge brings, in spite of its name, heavenliness and awe of the natural architecture that decorate your landscape so creatively.

I am nourished by the delicious, wholesome food in your restaurants that not only satisfy, but also elevate, enrich and refine me. My favorite, as you well know, is the Chocolate Tree where all of their food is organic, vegetarian, pure and fresh.  I can’t help but feel healthy when I eat “gently massaged” kale, sprouts, avocado, cucumber, dulse, spirulina and sprouted seeds. Dessert adds to the thriving experience and includes delicacies prepared with avocado, cacao, honey, macadamia nuts, carrot juice and coconut. Dining there is truly as the menu describes, “vibrant and divine.”

You have become a part of my soul, my being. There is nothing that I want more than to be close to you. For now, I am here, subsisting as a partial being until I can be made whole by your beauty, your warmth and your tranquility.

My heart belongs to you always,