Guest blog submission from Whitney McNeil with International I AM

bell rockA lot of visitors are seekers, coming to Sedona to escape the ordinary and connect with the energy prevalent in Sedona’s vortex sites. Some seek out their Spiritual connection, feeling drawn to Sedona for reasons unknown. Why is this, and what is this phenomena? Sedona’s energy supports and amplifies the intentions of the visitor. Those seeking answers but feel blocked in receiving them, may be feeling drawn to Sedona to help amplify the answer. Sedona has a way of unblocking and unlocking potentials, insights, and opportunities.



One of these reasons is the vortex energy. Vortices help to amplify different aspects of The Self. Some help to strengthen the masculine, while some help to amplify and strengthen the feminine aspect of Self.



Other energies can help one to connect with the Spiritual side of The Self. There are many pockets of energy in and around Sedona to help support someone in specific goals. The Honanki Ruins is a site on the outskirts of Sedona where Native Americans resided in the cliffs of the Red Rocks. Energy of the ancestors is still heavily prevalent in this place. Tourists can feel the energy of the past.

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Bell Rock is another location to access the Higher Self, or the Spiritual Side of the Self. The energy here helps to unblock and amplify the higher chakras. It is easier to feel this energy because Sedona amplifies everything.



If someone is wanting to develop Intuitive abilities, Sedona is a wonderful place to start. If someone is wanting to heighten or increase their already sensitive Intuition, come prepared knowing that Sedona provides much history, energy, and beauty to be felt and perceived in many different ways.

Sedona’s Spiritual Side was originally published on The Official Website for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau