Spoken like a true expert! Thank you Near and Far AZ!


First of all, I know that there are many, many gorgeous places that I have yet to see.

I’ve been around a bit, but I am under no illusion that I’ve seen it all!

Still, I have to wonder: Could there be any spot in the world that can top Sedona, Arizona on a hot, clear summer day?


I know this is entirely subjective and open to all kinds of debate. And I’ll admit to being a little biased. Sedona – just an hour-and-a-half drive from where I live – is a place I visit often and know well.

IMG_0399But as I hiked two Sedona-area trails over the weekend, the vibrant colors, diverse landscape, and drop-dead-gorgeous rock formations kept striking me again and again.

On this given Sunday in early July, Sedona was in its full glory. Lush greenery, cobalt skies, cottony clouds all served to set off the main…

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