Guest blog submission from Roger Naylor

Like all great works of art, Sedona takes your spirit hostage. It captures you softly and holds you in its red rock trail run

The visual drama of the landscape stirs something deep within everyone who visits or resides here. Sedona inspires and challenges, it thrills and mystifies, it haunts and energizes. It moves us in ways that we struggle to understand. Great art doesn’t provide answers. But it does show us which questions are the right ones to ask.

UH003-Uptown SedonaA fortunate few drawn to this place manage to capture the magic, carving art from the larger masterpiece of Sedona. Surrealist Max Ernst arrived in 1946 and created his most famous work here. In 1958, Egyptian sculptor Nassan Gobran and others established Sedona’s first art center. Joe Beeler and pards formed Cowboy Artists of America over cold beers in a local saloon in 1965. That kind of diversity continues to fuel Sedona’s vibrant art scene that ranges from traditional to contemporary, from Native American to cutting edge.

ACH016-Uptown ArtworkIt’s no wonder the town bristles with artistic showcases, events and festivals. Numerous sculptures and murals are part of the public space. Dozens of galleries, studios and shops populate every corner of the community. Take some time to prowl as many as you can. Explore the different mediums and styles. See how their interpretation of the spectacular scenery aligns with yours.

Del.norte.summerOn the first Friday of every month, many of Sedona’s prominent art galleries from Uptown to Gallery Row and beyond host an evening of openings, demonstrations and receptions. The Sedona Trolley offers free transportation during First Friday Art Walk, circulating from gallery to gallery where everything from fine art to funkier creations can be found. What a wonderful way to kick off your weekend in Sedona.

ACH011-Honanki Ruins

On Wednesday, August 8 2012, we were elated when we opened the Arizona Republic to find that Sedona was voted by the readers as the Best Arizona Road Trip! Readers’ Choice awards are very valuable because they come from our valued visitors.



“There’s a reason so many go to Sedona: It brims with attractions. (At this point, we don’t have to belabor the red rocks, right?) You can stay at a secluded spa resort or an affordable motel right in the thick of things. You can eat at a hot-dog stand or on a soothing, creekside patio. Perambulations range from easy, flat strolls to ling-busing climbs. Shop for art, jewelry or scorpion encased in Lucite. Take a Pink Jeep tour or hot-air balloon ride. You can camp, swim, fish and mountain bike. The only thing you can’t do is cram it all in one weekend.”

-Jill Cassidy, writer for the Arizona Republic