El Portal Guest Blog Submission

The summer season is winding down across the state, but Sedona is not going to let it go without a final month of events for visitors to enjoy. Headlining this month is the Sedona Wine Fest: a two day festival that showcases the many local wineries and their great wines from the Verde Valley, Prescott and the Southern Arizona regions. This year the Wine Fest will take place on September 27th and 28th, so come over the weekend and enjoy the delicious wine as well as the food, music, and vendors!

The soil in the Arizona hills is so rich that it has even been compared to Burgundy, France, and the wine festival is the perfect opportunity to learn about this region and the world-class grapes it grows. If you’re interested in sampling these premium Arizona wines, then Sedona Wine Festival is the perfect way for you to spend the weekend – learning about all things wine, trying premium local reds and whites, and enjoying the food, music, and vendors that come with it.   If you find yourself wanting to learn more than the two day festival can hope to teach you, then consider going on a tour of the local vineyards – many of which have tastings and even jeep tours for interested parties. Arizona is growing in reputation, so wrap up the summer and kick off the fall with this annual event that draws people from near and far!winetasting1

While you’re enjoying the festival, you will need a place to call your home. Let that place be El Portal Sedona Hotel – a local, pet-friendly artisan hotel. The boutique hotel is centrally located and with knowledgeable staff who offer personalized concierge services for the Sedona area, El Portal Sedona is the perfect place to rest and relax between these events!

El Portal Sedona Hotel  Courtesy Sunflower Studios

Guest blog submission by Roger Naylor

Vacations are meant to be stress-free events. But family dynamics being what they are, that gets tricky. The younger kids want to go swimming, Mom wants to have an old-fashioned picnic, Dad wants to try out his new camera with the mega-zoom lens on the golf course and Grandma and the teens want to visit a vortex. (Sedona seems to bring out a side of Grandma nobody’s seen for awhile.


No need to bicker. The diversity of Sedona is a gift to families both near and far. Natural water slides, endless miles of hiking and biking trails, fishing holes, swimming holes and pristine forests means there’s plenty of room to let everyone pursue their passion. That includes indoors as well as outside. Because offsetting the rugged beauty is the unparalleled luxury found at elegant accommodations, pampering spas and delicious restaurants. Kids play their way, parents play theirs.


Yet best of all, Sedona features so many opportunities to reconnect, to do things together as a family. Pile everybody into a jeep to explore the back-country and experience the kind of thrill-ride acrobatics that puts a smile on the face of even the surliest teen. Hop aboard a hot air balloon. Go kayaking. Take a group hike. Or gather to watch the sunset. Just be sure to make time for that picnic Mom wanted in the first place. When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.


The family that plays together, stays together. The family that plays together in Sedona, starts planning their next visit before they ever leave.


Guest blog submission by Roger Naylor


As we age we tend to misplace things. It seems like we always lose track of our glasses, our keys and even our summers.

By the time we’re adults, the carefree summers of childhood are gone. Those three long glorious months dwindle to a week here, a long weekend there. So it’s important to make the most out of the time you do have. That’s where Sedona comes in.

Sunset atop Antelop Hill

Maximize every moment of vacation in the red rock paradise of Sedona. Soaring stone monoliths so vivid they each have distinct personalities, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, clear running streams and hidden canyons are engulfed amid 1.8 million acres of national forest. Sedona is built for fun and adventure.

Page Springs

Seize the opportunity this summer to reconnect with the great outdoors. Take a hike or a swim. Catch a fish or a nap. Play some golf. Climb a boulder. Kayak a river. Bike down a mountain. You may get dirty and you may get wet. You’ll definitely create some warm delicious memories.

Oak Creek

Yet beneath Sedona’s rugged exterior lies a soft core of comfort and luxury. A bevy of elegant motels, hotels and resorts are waiting for you. Not to mention rejuvenating spas, excellent restaurants and boutique wineries. Play like a kid all day in Sedona. Then relax like an adult when the sun goes down.

Garland's Lodge

One advantage to being all grown up is that nobody will ask you to write an essay on how you spent your summer vacation. Although after some time in Sedona, you probably will want to do just that—a reminder to yourself of where to go next summer.


Remember that great last day of school feeling when you were a kid?

The final bell rang, the doors swung open and you and your classmates ran screaming and shrieking through the halls. There wasn’t a minute to spare because summer waited just outside. The whole languid season stretched before you and the possibilities seemed endless.

Every season has its own special magic but only summer means freedom.

Don’t be surprised if a visit to Sedona rekindles that sense of electric joy. The sun-splashed red rock landscape is a playground like no other on earth. Silver streams tumble down canyon, shady woodlands line the slopes and soaring sandstone monoliths define a skyline beloved by artists, movie-makers and vacationers alike. The possibilities really are endless.

Summer days are long and you’ll want every hour to sample the delights of Sedona. Lace up your hiking books. Hop on a mountain bike. Unlimber the fishing pole. Pack the picnic basket. Jump in a jeep. Saddle a horse. Climb aboard a hot air balloon. And whatever you do, don’t forget the swimming trunks.

When you do finally decide to come inside, you’ll find an amazing collection of shops, galleries, restaurants and spas. So what are you waiting for? Summer and Sedona are calling. It’s time to come out and play.