Resolution to Reality: Travel to Sedona This Year

There are two types of New Year’s resolution makers—those who hope they’ll reach their goals and those who make their goals reality. This holds true for travelers with dreams of visiting Sedona. Whether you’ve resolved to take an adventure vacation or to take time to relax and heal in Sedona, these tips will help make those hopes your reality.

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Cast an Adventure Vacation Vision

Successful travel plans begin with a vision. Which of Sedona’s outdoor adventures call to you as the travel year begins? Whether your dream involves hiking, camping, fishing or blasting your way through the high desert in a Jeep, make it a reality by booking your tour, campsite or fishing expedition early.

Will you camp your way through Coconino National Forest? Or could this be the year that your kids learn to love the great outdoors along Bell Rock Pathway? Cast your vision for an over-the-top adventure vacation and plan ahead to experience the best tours, the most challenging trails and the most scenic campsites Sedona has to offer. Here’s a link to help launch Sedona vacation vision casting.

Take Time for a Healing Interlude

It’s no accident the beauty and mystery surrounding Sedona have birthed a town where healing and serenity are an expectation. Let this year’s travel resolution lead you to one of Sedona’s centers of healing and beauty.

The many spas that grace the streets of this high desert town offer visitors the chance to find their bliss. Resolve to take time for a healing interlude in Sedona, and give your budget a vacation, as well, by taking advantage of seasonal spa packages.

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Your dreams of visiting Sedona this year are within your grasp. Visualize what you want to happen in Sedona, plan ahead and set aside the time to make this resolution the one that becomes a reality.

Joe Laing is the Director of Marketing for El Monte RV and has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.  He has been exploring the outdoors most of his life and enjoys spending time camping throughout the United States.  Joe has also been involved with the RVIA’s Go RV’ing committee, campground associations, and many travel industry associations. 

Reconnect in Sedona was originally published on The Official Website for the Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau


Guest blog submission by Roger Naylor

The waning of the year always prompts a bit of self-evaluation. We pause to look back and to count our blessings. But don’t tally up the final score just yet because there’s still time to dramatically increase your blessings total. All you have to do is gather up friends and family and take a trip to Sedona.


As the holidays approach we are reminded all over again as to what’s truly important in life. It comes down to moments we share with loved ones. Sedona makes the perfect getaway to reconnect with the people who matter most, providing a bouquet of memories that will never fade.


Sedona is equal parts playground and resort; equal parts wilderness and spiritual retreat. It is a place far removed from the everyday experience. The rising columns of red rocks form a fortress that repels stress and distraction. The scenic splendor lifts hearts and ignites smiles. Sedona just seems to bring out the best in all of us. No wonder it’s such a joyful place to share.


Whether hiking in the shadow of soaring monoliths, strolling along the banks of dancing stream, wafting through the sky in a hot air balloon to greet the rising sun, rumbling into the outback aboard a rugged jeep, or meditating at a vortex site crackling with ancient energy, let the adventure sweep you away.


This kind of vacation makes for vivid, spicy memories; stories that will be recounted over many a dinner table for years to come. That’s the magic of Sedona. It gives you a chance to live fully in the moment while you’re here. And then gives you golden moments to take with you, to relive over and over again.


Exploring the Grand Canyon will have to wait.  But you won’t want to miss Sedona as part of your Arizona adventure.

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Sedona and all of the splendid Arizona State Parks are open, including Slide Rock State Park and Red Rock State Park. Just a short drive south through scenic Oak Creek Canyon. Sedona offers inspiring overlooks, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, and beautiful red rock vistas. And, did you know that Sedona is considered one of the 7 Best Outdoor Destinations in the America?


Visitors will enjoy Sedona’s vivid fall colors in a red rock playground where families can escape, romantic adventures begin and photographers dreams come true. Sedona offers healing & restorative therapies, adrenaline inducing off-road tours including Jeep and Hummer excursions, and a shopper’s paradise. Experience the cool mountain waters of Oak Creek and be mesmerized by the glowing red rock formations.

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Early Bird pricing opens for the 2013 Sedona Marathon

Register between July 1st and September 30th for a Chance to Win a free 3 Day 2 Night Hotel stay during the Sedona Marathon

At Midnight on Sunday, July 1st online registration for the 2013 Sedona Marathon Event opens. Early Bird special pricing is available by registering between Sunday, July 1st and September 30th for this beautiful race. As an added bonus, all Early Bird Registrants will be entered in a drawing to win a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay at the Sedona Marathon host hotel during the Sedona Marathon Event.


The Sedona Marathon Event is scheduled for Saturday, February 2, 2013. The Sedona Chamber of Commerce, along with the entire Sedona area, will welcome thousands of runners, their families and friends for a weekend of fierce competition and neighborly camaraderie in the world famous resort destination of Sedona, Arizona.


We are predicting 2,500 runners will participate in the 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon races. The course will take runners through the scenic Coconino National

Forest District, known for its magical red rock formations, and onto the streets of what Good Morning America has chosen as one of the Top 10 most beautiful cities in America. Spectators, supporters and participants will also be treated to an Expo on Friday and Saturday of the race weekend, featuring vendors, artists and live performers that will entertain and inspire locals and visitors alike.


During its seven-year history, the Sedona Marathon has quickly gained international recognition, not only for its breathtaking course but also as training opportunity.  It has drawn several Olympic competitors including Beijing Triathlon Silver Medal winner Simon Whitfield and 2012 Olympic hopeful Ryan Hall. Japanese sports reporter Hajime Nishi has named the event one of his top ten favorite worldwide marathons, and National Geographic Adventurer Magazine featured it as one of the great “instant weekend adventures.” Fierce competitors compete in the Sedona Marathon for the high altitude training benefits and to conquer the challenging course.

Featuring four races, the 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon, participants are able to walk, jog or run in the race of their choice. One of the hallmarks of the Sedona Marathon is that participants come from all walks of life and from the furthest reaches of the Earth. Last year the youngest “athlete” on this breathtaking course was 3 years old and the oldest was 84. Past participants have represented numerous international locations including Japan, France and Germany.


Come to the Sedona Marathon and be a part of a rich tradition of healthy, sustainable living in one of the most beautiful places in America!

The 8th Annual Sedona Marathon will take place on February 2, 2013. Register between July 1st and September 30th, 2012 for Early Bird registration prices and the chance to win a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay at the Sedona Marathon host hotel.



For details and registration information visit, LIKE us on or call 877-778-4397.

Hello Sedona fans,

Last Saturday, I had a late night adventure right here in lovely Sedona Arizona.

Let me paint the scene with an abundance of adjectives.

The weather was just right, with the perfect light breeze to gently brush your hair off your shoulders as the warm sun lightly bronzes your skin.  In Uptown Sedona (Main Street), thousands of visitors from around the world roam the artistically created sidewalks with looks of utter relaxation and permanent smiles locked on their faces. Women wore flowing sundresses, and men wore Hawaiian shirts with flip flops, as if they were vacationing in a tropical paradise.  Children ran wild letting the spring sunshine and homemade fudge energize their little feet to play tag nearby their parents in our small safe community.

However, when  night falls, many believe Sedona shuts down. Please re-consider after reading about my wonderful Saturday night, filled with expertly handcrafted drinks,  homemade appetizers, and great company.

(Saturday, March 24 at 8:00 pm) First: gather friends, loved ones, and/ or very funny people and get a cab to Javelina Cantina in the Hillside Plaza. Every employee gives a friendly “HOLA!” and offers to help. We started with Margaritas the size of our faces  and Mexican pizzas that would make a wolverine purr.

(9:30 pm) Second: gather friends and walk to Ken’s Creekside. (1/4 mi) Sway to live local acoustic bands and sip on a  handmade spicy Bloody Mary’s with vodka infused with spicy peppers, lemons and limes. The Tuna Tar Tar is to die for.

(11:00 pm) Third: Gather friends and take a cab to Martini Bar in West Sedona. Karaoke night is a hoot. Some sing better than Carrie Underwood  and others can barely carry a tune. Either way, it’s entertaining, the atmosphere is chic and modern and the locals are jolly and diverse.  We had a round of unique martinis that made our mouths water. I had the Ginger Pear while other friends enjoyed the rich Dark and Stormy.

(12:00 am) Lastly: Haul happy friends across the street to Olde Sedona. Bring your dancing shoes and order a local Oak Creek Brew on tap. Sip and dance the night away with beats by DJ Dre.  All of the sudden you will notice that your dancing with a diverse crowd. The ladies with crowns celebrating a bridal shower, the groovy Grandpa escaping his wild grandchildren, the cowboy jeep driver still dressed in his chaps, the local belly dancer, and the fun group you walked in with; all entangled with the love of music, fun and great people.

Visit Sedona, and whether it’s day or night, enjoy the food, culture, arts, music, energy and stunningly beautiful red rocks.