Guest blog submission by Roger Naylor

The waning of the year always prompts a bit of self-evaluation. We pause to look back and to count our blessings. But don’t tally up the final score just yet because there’s still time to dramatically increase your blessings total. All you have to do is gather up friends and family and take a trip to Sedona.


As the holidays approach we are reminded all over again as to what’s truly important in life. It comes down to moments we share with loved ones. Sedona makes the perfect getaway to reconnect with the people who matter most, providing a bouquet of memories that will never fade.


Sedona is equal parts playground and resort; equal parts wilderness and spiritual retreat. It is a place far removed from the everyday experience. The rising columns of red rocks form a fortress that repels stress and distraction. The scenic splendor lifts hearts and ignites smiles. Sedona just seems to bring out the best in all of us. No wonder it’s such a joyful place to share.


Whether hiking in the shadow of soaring monoliths, strolling along the banks of dancing stream, wafting through the sky in a hot air balloon to greet the rising sun, rumbling into the outback aboard a rugged jeep, or meditating at a vortex site crackling with ancient energy, let the adventure sweep you away.


This kind of vacation makes for vivid, spicy memories; stories that will be recounted over many a dinner table for years to come. That’s the magic of Sedona. It gives you a chance to live fully in the moment while you’re here. And then gives you golden moments to take with you, to relive over and over again.


Guest blog submission by Roger Naylor

Vacations are meant to be stress-free events. But family dynamics being what they are, that gets tricky. The younger kids want to go swimming, Mom wants to have an old-fashioned picnic, Dad wants to try out his new camera with the mega-zoom lens on the golf course and Grandma and the teens want to visit a vortex. (Sedona seems to bring out a side of Grandma nobody’s seen for awhile.


No need to bicker. The diversity of Sedona is a gift to families both near and far. Natural water slides, endless miles of hiking and biking trails, fishing holes, swimming holes and pristine forests means there’s plenty of room to let everyone pursue their passion. That includes indoors as well as outside. Because offsetting the rugged beauty is the unparalleled luxury found at elegant accommodations, pampering spas and delicious restaurants. Kids play their way, parents play theirs.


Yet best of all, Sedona features so many opportunities to reconnect, to do things together as a family. Pile everybody into a jeep to explore the back-country and experience the kind of thrill-ride acrobatics that puts a smile on the face of even the surliest teen. Hop aboard a hot air balloon. Go kayaking. Take a group hike. Or gather to watch the sunset. Just be sure to make time for that picnic Mom wanted in the first place. When Mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.


The family that plays together, stays together. The family that plays together in Sedona, starts planning their next visit before they ever leave.

Guest blog submission from Chamber member Pete A. Sanders Jr with the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association (SMSA).

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions only to see them fall by the wayside. This year why not visit Sedona and use the world famous Vortexes for a better result.

M.I.T.-Trained Scientist, Pete A. Sanders Jr. is including in ALL his January Scientific Vortex Information Presentations (Mondays 1 – 2:30 p.m. at Los Abrigados – 160 Portal Lane – $15/person) specific information about which Sedona Vortexes will best help visitors successfully complete their resolutions for 2014.

Even if you can’t make it to Sedona in January, Mr. Sanders shares that one key is to set “Whys” Resolutions: Remember, as you consider any resolutions, to identify not just the “whats” of your resolutions, but also the “whys.” If they are body, weight, or diet related, remember to identify a possible “why” as “desire to be more healthy” and be open to the many ways of increasing health (exercise, drawing energy from Universe, loving life, etc.) beyond just eating habits. For professional or achievement resolutions, remember to identify the value of unconditional self-acceptance and loving yourself and seeing life as a Quest not just a Test. Remember you can ALWAYS be making progress on the Whys. Remember to always look at life with whys(wise) eyes.